Connaught Communications (Southern)

Least Cost Routing

Save Money On Telephone Calls!

Connaught Communication (Southern) are an independent supplier, installer and maintainer of Panasonic business telephone systems.

You use your LCR (Cheap Calls) telephone service in the same way as your current service - simply dial as normal - the only change is that we programme your telephone system to route calls via the Transglobal BL platform. You keep your existing telephone numbers, as well as your BT connection.

Benefits of Least Cost Routing through Connaught Communications (Southern):


Significantly reduced costs, up to 55% in most cases.


No set up fees.

No extra line rental.
No hardware or software expenses.


Easy to implement and operate.


No number change required.


No hidden costs - no minimum call charge.

Per second billing, clear tariff packages.


Unique call billing software providing valuable management information.


24 hour, 7 days a week help desk and maintenance support.


High quality service for national and international calls.


Easy to use, with no risks involved.

No minimum term.

Example reductions from Least Cost Routing through Connaught Communications (Southern):

Call Type / Destination:

Standard Rate: (ppm)

Reduced Rate: (ppm)


UK Local 2.68 1.95 27%
UK National 4.91 2.00 59%
Europe 17.65 2.70 84%
Vodaphone 17.21 15.95 7.5%
Orange 21.15 16.20 23%
Cellnet/O2 16.73 15.95 4.5%
One 2 One 21.15 16.20 23%
North America 14.67 2.70 81%
Australasia 30.44 6.85 77.5%
Far East 41.90 6.91 83.5%
Asia 67.16 22.76 66%
Middle East 63.15 28.06 56%
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